Greg Creel

Instructor Cardiff and Abertillery

Greg Creel - Pedro Bessa
  • Greg started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2005.
  • He is one of only 3 brown belts living and teaching in Wales.
  • He earnt his brown belt training under Pedro Bessa.
  • Greg is the head instructor at Celtic Pride Martial Arts in Abertillery – More info can be found here.

Competition Records

* 2010 – British Open No Gi 2010 Bronze Elite Div
* Hereford Open Gold Brown Belt Open Weight
* British No Gi Elite Div Bronze +100kg
* Bristol Open 2009 Gold Purple
* Welsh Open 2009 Gold Super Super Heavy
* Seni 2008 Team Event Silver (Pedro Bessa Carlson Gracie Combined)
* Seni 2008 Silver +100kg Blue Belt
* Bristol Open 2007 Winter Leg Gold Blue Belt
* Bristol Open 2007 Silver Blue Belt
* Hereford Open 2006 Gold White Belt