Bristol BJJ Academy

Training Program

The Bristol BJJ Academy is a full time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School in Bristol with specific classes for beginners, advnaced and competition team in order to attend the demand for  different levels and training goals. The facilities consist of male shower and change room, a permanent full matted area, swiss balls, FITKIT PRO ‘suspended body weight’ and climbing ropes.

  • Novice Class: Designed for those who have never trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before; hence our aim is to introduce the basic concepts of the art. Class lasts for 1h and consists of a basic warm up & learning techniques. Some attendees might be eligible for light sparring, according to their progress.
  • Standard Training and No Gi: Designed for those with previous experience. Novices can usually take part after 6 months* of training. Classes last for 1h and 30min and consists of an advanced warm up + techniques + sparring.
  • Competition Team: The competition team is composed of those students who want to take part in competitions or already compete; The classes consist of a dynamic warm up and drills, the sparring is more competitive and based on competition rules & strategies. The goal is to improve endurance and stamina for the competitions! At least 6 months* of experience required.

* Time of experience is an estimate and subject to each individual’s progress and technical ability.