Bristol BJJ Academy / PEDRO BESSA BJJ HQ

Please note that we have moved from our Merton road – Horfield location into the SWEATBOX GYM located at Princess Street, Bedminster BS3 4AG.

Training Program

  • Novice Class: Designed for those who have never trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before; hence our aim is to introduce the basic concepts of the art. Class lasts for 1h and consists of a basic warm up & learning techniques. Some attendees might be eligible for light sparring, according to their progress.
  • Standard Training and No Gi: Designed for those with previous experience. Novices can usually take part after 6 months* of training. Classes last for 1h and 30min and consists of an advanced warm up + techniques + sparring.
  • Competition Team: The competition team is composed of those students who want to take part in competitions or already compete; The classes consist of a dynamic warm up and drills, the sparring is more competitive and based on competition rules & strategies. The goal is to improve endurance and stamina for the competitions! At least 6 months* of experience required.

* Time of experience is an estimate and subject to each individual’s progress and technical ability.